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2022 Text Message Industry White Paper

10DLCs, Short Codes, Text Enabled lines….
A Complete Guide to the Text Codes Available to Your Brand

If you use text messaging for your business or are thinking of starting, you need to be aware of the different types of text numbers available for this purpose. Carriers in the United States allow for several types of numbers to be used for business messaging. In today’s environment of mobile carriers stopping the support for shared short codes, it is even more vital to understand what is available to you.

In this white paper you can read about:

The differences, advantages, and drawbacks of each type of text number
Why Dedicated Short Codes are still the Gold Standard for Texting
P2P Traditional Long Codes Limitations and why they are also going away from business texting
Deeper understanding of 10DLCs and why they are becoming the standard for small businesses
How to Choose the right SMS Solution for your Business

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