Texas Crowdfunding Conference: Maximum Engagement and Participation

The Challenge and Setup:

At this year's Texas Crowdfunding Conference in Austin, there were 240 attendees, all had deep knowledge in the Crowdfunding space and all wanted to share ideas but time was limited. ProTexting helped Global NextGen Advisors with the polling of all those smart young entrepreneurs and investors to get information and give feedback. In addition the Mobile Survey provided a quick response and interaction between the organizers of the Crowdfunding conference and the audience.

The Solution:

Prior to the wrap-up session of the conference, Global NextGen Advisors, with the help of ProTexting engaged the audience with a real time polling survey. The results were projected at the big screen behind the main stage. The participants were asked what they had learned during the conference.

The Results

Global NextGen Advisors announced the use of ProTexting for audience interaction during the conference just before the conference, not ahead of time. The participants were pleasantly surprised and said that ProTexting was so easy to use, and also that there were remarkable results in real time. Audience participation was close to 100% percent. The engagement level was high and the mobile survey results when shared on the big screen at the main stage provided a great platform to spark discussions on several topics. All the discussion during this session were based on the survey results.

One of the main findings was, that there is a way to go to the SEC to approve the launch of equity based crowdfunding. However, there is still lots of activity that can be done and there is no need to wait for the approval to do something productive. Also, the attendees were asked about certain action items that can be accomplished to speed up the approval of the SEC. Some of those were:

  • Identify ways to collaborate intra - crowdfunding opportunities in Texas
  • Use of mobile apps, consumer products, energy and health care for crowdfunding

Here is what Richard Seline, Principal of Global NextGen Advisors had to say about the Crowdfunding Conference and the ProTexting involvement in it:

"On behalf of the planning team for the Texas Crowdfunding Conference held in Austin this past Tuesday, thank you and the ProTexting leadership in helping drive the interactive session wrap-up. Over 240 leaders - 40 of the top leaders in the Jobs Act and crowdfunding agenda with 200 key Texans - were able to respond to 7 key questions efficiently and effectively. It was simple, elegant, and powerful as a means of moving presentations and speeches to engagement with the audience."

About the company

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Global NextGen Advisors - Richard Seline is principal of Global NextGen Advisors, providing counsel and guidance to organizations, institutions, companies and governments on the role of next generation entrepreneurial, economic and social impact leaders. He is a senior advisor to YSN.com and the Young Successful Media agency driving global campaigns for corporate support of youth empowerment.

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