Case Study: Superbowl XLVII Host Committee

The Challenge

Easily connect, coordinate, and communicate between 8,000 volunteers. Find a unified communication medium for quick delivery of information.

The Solution

Superbowl XLVII Host Committee organized a clever solution that helped their volunteers stay in touch and quickly report what is happening around the stadium grounds. On one side there was a mobile app built for all volunteers and on the other was the ProTexting gateway and interface for receiving the timely messages. Using the mobile app, the volunteers could easily access their text editor pre-filled with the necessary information to text-in a report to the headquarters. From there the necessary action would be taken, or necessary information would be texted back to the reporting volunteer. Using the texting interface and gateway, an easy two-way communication was established, and the challenge solved.

The Results

ProTextingโ€™s technology easily integrated into the overall solution. It provided the immediacy needed for delivery and exchange of information. The headquarters was getting the texted reports right away in a well-organized texting inbox, provided within the ProTexting platform.

Happy ProTexting Clients

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