White Label Partner Program

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Agencies…Developers…Brands…Service Providers.
Do you have an established client base ?
Partner with ProTexting and extend your offering by adding mobile
marketing to your solutions.
If you are an agency, have access to clients who are looking for mobile marketing platform or you simply want to be a part of the mobile revolution that is taking place right now, you can jump onboard with ProTexting's White Label Partner Program.

Advantages of ProTexting's White Label Solution

Quick and cost-effective setup
Quick and cost-effective setup

We have spent years in developing and improving our White Label offer so our clients don’t have to. You will save tremendous upfront expenses when you join ProTexting’s White Label Partner Program. In addition you are saving years in development, short code certifications and compliance procedures. With our white label partner program you can be up and running in less than a month.
Maximize your profit
Maximize your profit

We offer preferred pricing to our partners. In addition, through our partner program you can set your own pricing structure, create your own packages, and get an additional revenue stream via ProTexting’s App Marketplace.
Easy to use
Easy to use

ProTexting's team will monitor and maintain everything on the technical side. All you need to focus on is servicing your clients. Our user-friendly platform allows you to manage your clients’ accounts with ease.
Get access to a comprehensive backend
Get access to a comprehensive backend

Through our partner administrative backend, you get full control over user accounts, pricing and strategy, billing management, campaign monitoring, and client management.
Leading technology on the market
Leading technology on the market

ProTexting is a leading Mobile Engagement solution.
Our team brings over 9 years of experience in the SMS/MMS technology space, Location-Based Services and Messaging, Social Media Integration and Engagement, Mobile Websites and Landing pages, to name a few. You can be confident that you are offering a high quality product to your clients. Our team continuously adds leading features and improves current ones. We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the newest technologies.
Training and support included
Training and support included

Get a comprehensive training right from the get go. Our team will spend the necessary time to teach you how to operate the backend and manage your solution. In addition, we help you build ongoing strategy and keep you informed when new features are implemented.
Get a trusted partner
Get a trusted partner

Here at ProTexting, we partner with our White Label clients and help them achieve their long term goals. There are different platforms who offer one-size-fits-all Mobile Marketing white label solution. We are not one of them. At ProTexting we take a more tailored approach. We like to understand the needs of our partners and even customize the platform when and where necessary. We make sure you are armed with the tools and technology you need to succeed.
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Who can utilize Mobile Marketing?

Radio, TV, Weather, Agencies
Doctors and Dentist offices, Hospitals and Private Practices
Restaurants, Nightclubs, Lounges, Comedy clubs, Theaters, Events
Shops, Malls, E-commerce, Fairs
Teams, Arenas, Game, Sport Events
Real Estate
Agents, Builders, Agencies, Management companies
We support all major US carriers:
Sms Api
Virgin Mobile
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