Who can use SMS Marketing?

Did you know...

Text Message Marketing is a direct, personal and effective marketing tool for your products and services.

million cell phone subscribers in the U.S.
of all cell phone subscribers keep their mobile with them all day.
of mobile text messages are read.

What you can do with SMS Text Marketing:

Text-to-win campaigns
- Users can text to enter into the drawing or contest.
Subscription text alerts
- Using a simple text message to keep your consumers in the loop with updates, news, and notifications has never been more efficient and easier. SMS Text Marketing can be used as a shortcut to reach your clients.
Text Survey Polling
- Need answers from your consumers now and not next month? Survey Polling allows you to interact with your consumers and receive answers almost instantaneously via text message.
Corporate marketing
- Get your message across fast and in the most efficient way. SMS Text Marketing is quickly surpassing the results generated by any other marketing campaign. It is the most direct way of reaching the clients irrespective of the location and availability of the client.
Client notification systems
- Mobile Marketing gets across important notifications, alerts and news in the most efficient way. There is no need to worry about your client's location or connectivity. In today's social environment it is almost certain that your clients carry their cell phones anywhere at any time.