Why SMS Sweepstakes are a Great Way to Build Customer Loyalty

Everybody loves prizes, giveaways and complimentary samples. This is why sweepstakes have long been among the most effective ways for businesses to engage with potential clients. One of these giveaways is text message sweepstakes. SMS sweepstakes are one of the most popular new methods of entering contests. With them, a giveaway can go a long way in creating a short-term buzz for a business. It is also an excellent way of getting subscribers and keeping customers coming back. Below is an overview of SMS sweepstakes.

SMS sweepstakes along with other sweepstakes are designed to attract customers while they are in a full purchase consideration mode. Potential customers enter a sweepstakes program with the hopes of winning a certain prize. Once the sweepstake is completed, the prize is awarded to the winner. These sweepstakes are an attractive option for entrepreneurs wishing to offer potential customers an exciting way of interacting with their business.

Also, SMS sweepstakes are an attractive and beneficial option for consumer. Below is an explanation of how to enter a sweepstakes program and what the benefits are:

How to join a sweepstakes program

To enter an SMS sweepstake, a person needs to text a specific keyword to a telephone number known as a short code. This information, also known as call to action, can be found in advertisements for the giveaway or in its rules. The person then uses their cell phone to send a text message to that number. In general, all an individual has to do is compose an SMS containing the keyword and then send it to the short code number. Generally, it is not necessary for participants to purchase any items in order to join a sweepstakes, but it is strongly recommended that participants read the Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy so they understand what they are opting in for.

Benefits of joining a sweepstakes program

By registering for a sweepstakes program using a cell phone, a person may be agreeing to receive advertising messages texted to his or her cell phone. This can be beneficial for both the company that is promoting the sweepstakes as well as for the individual that is opting in to receive additional offers and alerts as SMS Marketing may provide better deals than other marketing channel. The overall sweepstakes rules and privacy policy should be listed on the sweepstakes official site. Also, a text message link is included in the advertisement language of the sweepstakes program.

For active users of cell phones, SMS sweepstakes are more effective when compared to those that take place at certain physical locations. They are also better than those that mail entry forms by post. If an entrepreneur runs a sweepstake from a business location, customers can only participate when the business is open. This means that the entrepreneur is missing out on more potential entries. If the sweepstake relies on mailings, no immediate impact is observed.

The importance of extending sweepstakes to the cell phone space is now apparent. Entrepreneurs owe it to themselves to utilize it as an addition to their next promotions. They should not let competitors gain an advantage by using this exciting way of engaging with customers. Ignoring the opportunity presented by SMS sweepstakes can seriously damage visibility of a business. Those interested can contact ProTexting, a well-known SMS sweepstakes provider.

Text to win campaigns via SMS infographic

Get started with an interactive Text to Win campaign and engage your customer base via ProTexting’s SMS marketing platform.



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5 Ways Your SMS Marketing is Slacking (And How To Fix It)

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays and people want lightning-fast apps—but the reality remains that smartphone penetration is only at around 65% in the United States. However, there’s hope—nearly 100% of all mobile phones have SMS, which makes it the most effective way to market to consumers. Although it’s rather basic, you might still need to brush up on your SMS marketing skills.

SMS = Simple Marketing Solution

98% of all texts are read—compared to only 29% of all tweets, 20% of emails, and 12% of Facebook posts. That means you can reach customers faster via SMS than any other method. You won’t reach someone with, let’s say, 1,000 Facebook friends or 1,000 Twitter followers as easily as you would via text because of the news feed clutter—it goes directly to them and them alone. In addition, texting is the most convenient to the customer—emails may end up in the junk folder and Facebook and Twitter posts may be lost in the rapidly moving news feed (unless you pay more to promote your posts).

SMS marketing read rates

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

You’ll need to give your customers an incentive to opt in. One of the most common ways of doing this is text (word) to (number) to enter for a chance to win (insert reward here). The reward can be anything, but one of the most common promotions is something like (amount) off products and services when they buy at least (another amount) worth of products and services. This increases sales and gives people the incentive to save.

I’m In VIP

selfie marylin text messagingWhy should the good times stop for your customers? You can continue to reward your loyal customers. You should also give them another incentive to opt in, such as a mobile-specific VIP program—giving special discounts or coupons to those who choose to opt into the program on a regular basis. You should also give more incentives to those who refer others into the program—customers tend to talk to each other and word of mouth is still extremely strong when it comes to marketing products and services, even via SMS.

Ask Permission (Really)

You need to ask for permission from your customers. They can do this one of two ways: texting a keyword to a shortcode, for example: text (keyword) to (shortcode), or by using a web form. This means that the customer has consented to receiving marketing materials from you. Going through old customer records and adding mobile numbers and messaging customers without their permission has legal ramifications—such as Jiffy Lube being sued for $40 million.

The Legal Eagles

As with all things, these are regulated by laws—in particular the Telephone Consumer Protections Act, the Mobile Marketing Association, and the Federal Communications Commission all are watching what SMS marketers are doing. You need to include the following terms in your SMS marketing materials: “By participating, you consent to receive text messages sent by an automatic dialing system” to account for prior written express consent, “Consent to these terms is not a condition of purchase” to account for condition of purchase consent, and to stay in line with FCC regulations, you need to include STOP and HELP instructions, frequency, terms and conditions, business entity, and disclosure of additional carrier charges.


When done correctly (and legally, of course), SMS marketing can serve as a powerful tool to gain conversions and get people to know your brand. It is essential that you leverage SMS because of its universal availability, the high likeliness that your message will be read, and quick lead to conversion time.

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How to Leverage your SMS Marketing Campaign to Collect Customer Info

By now the power of SMS Marketing has been implemented and proven over and over from businesses and organizations in different industries and different sizes. But did you know that SMS marketing campaigns can be an effective way to obtain additional subscriber information such as name, e-mail address, birthday, etc? Let’s have a look at some of the options available to you in this respect.

Creative ideas to gather customer info:

Text-to-win Sweepstakes

Creating a text to win sweepstakes is always a great way to kick start your SMS Marketing program. Usually sweepstakes include enticing prizes and participants are more willing to provide their personal information. In order to qualify for a chance to win participants can be required to provide information such as e-mail, full name, zip code, address etc. Also participants are presented with the overall sweepstakes rules and are well aware what they are signing up for, which increases the chances of them providing accurate information.

Collect data via SMS marketing tools

Leverage Web Sign up Forms

Your online presence has a tremendous impact on your success with respect to data capture. One of the more effective ways is to incorporate your SMS marketing campaigns with your current Web sign up forms. In additional to the cellphone number, the Web sign up form will also allow you to include additional fields such as name, e-mail, zip code, etc. Note, a compliant web signup form should have a build in step to send out a confirmation code to the subscribers’ cellphone in order to verify that the number entered is correct. Also, make sure to make your participants aware of the SMS program there are signing up for. If you can offer an incentive you have a better chance to increase your opt-in rate.

Introduce a VIP Text Club Offers and alerts

Create an exclusive program that has unique offers if participants subscribe through your text message programs. In order to use an SMS marketing campaign to your advantage is to offer something in exchange for more information, or a perk. Certain companies offer text alerts for when activity is posted in a user’s account, such as a bank account, even a pharmacy. Others offer coupons and discounts that are exclusive for their SMS Marketing program.

The traditional way to grow your subscriber list is to by asking your participants text in a keyword to a short code:


Text INFO to 82257 to learn more about ProTexting SMS Marketing Platform.

Message and Data Rates May Apply. Max 4msg/wk. For Help, text HELP to 82257. Text STOP to 82257 to unsubscribe.

Text to join campaigns via SMS

In order to capture their e-mail address you can also word the call to action as below:

To obtain more info about ProTexting SMS Marketing Platform Text

INFO(space)YourE-mailAddress to 82257

Message and Data Rates May Apply. Max 4msg/wk. For Help, text HELP to 82257. Text STOP to 82257 to unsubscribe.

When a subscriber texts in the e-mail address the platform will populate the e-mail field next to the phone number in the database.

Also, you can take it a step further and ask your participants for their first and last name via a text message or include the link of your web sign up form and send a group text message to all your participants and further update your subscriber profile.

SMS campaigns are a great way to populate your CRM and create an in-depth customer profile. You can you leverage the information gathered through your SMS Marketing channel and combine it with your other channels such as e-mail and social media in order to maximize your marketing efforts. Remember, the ultimate goal is to leverage all available tools and ensure that all channels are complimenting each other and not working against each other.

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The Power of SMS Marketing

SMS texting is a highly targeted and cost effective way of reaching out to customers through a text message written from your PC to your customers’ cellphones concerning your products or services. Compared to the email and the social media, SMS texting is more effective in reaching out to clients. It is therefore paramount that entrepreneurs gained a comprehensive understanding of SMS in order to optimize its use.

Here are some interesting statistics:

Power of SMS Marketing
Advantages of SMS Marketing

To start with, an increasing number of people own a cell phone. The good thing is that in all likelihood, the number of cellphone users is going to increase.

Second, cellphone users have more engagement with SMS than in any other use. In fact, quite a number of people have a cellphone with them except when asleep.

Third, most cellphone users have programmed the phone in a way that they know when they receive a text message. The advantage with this is that most of the messages are read instantly. The nature of a text message is that it demands attention even when one is busy.

Fourth, text messaging is an opt-in service. What this means is that clients sign up for such services. By implication, such clients have already invested in your brand. Another great advantage with the opt-in service is that one does not waste time on customers that are not interested in your products and services. In other words, the target audience has already been identified. Another advantage is that one is guaranteed that the message will be read. There are very rare cases where a message does not reach its recipient.

Fifth, SMS is a form of narrowcasting marketing, which means sending the message and sharing your content with a more selective but more meaningful audience. It is about building relationships with the relevant groups. It is important to ensure that you message is actually being read, not just received. As stated above, SMS messages have 89% open rate, compare to 29% read rate of twitter, 20% open rate of e-mails and 12% read rate of Facebook posts.

Sixth, the brevity of a text message saves time and is convenient to both the marketer and the client. Emails can carry lengthy promotions. However, the fact is that some clients do not even read such lengthy promotions in the first place because they are long and boring. Unlike telephone calls, a text message can be read at the convenience of the client.

Lastly, marketing through text messaging carries a higher chance of conversion than in the other marketing channels. A recent market survey showed that SMS coupons are ten times more likely to be redeemed and shared than mail or newspaper coupons.


Planning an SMS marketing campaign should involve a fan and engaging strategy. One should be careful not to be intrusive or become insensitive to the privacy of the client. For example, a company that sends too many text messages to its clients may suffer from a bad reputation. Similarly, using a decent language of communication will promote your brand. Overall, SMS texting is indispensable for the growth and expansion of a business.

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Mobile Ninjas

The mobile ninjas @ProTexting have been working hard in 2014 to develop, fine tune and launch cool SMS marketing tools for interactive campaigns.  Campaigns are run via SMS, MMS, Mobile landing pages, Social Channels, QR Codes, Short URL Tracking, etc to provide super interactive and engaging experience for the audience.

2015 will be the year for powerful SMS marketing campaigns and any business should be part of it.

Mobile Ninja

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