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Mobile Sweepstakes - Dos and DONTs

Mobile Sweepstakes - Dos and DONTs

Sweepstakes is a text-to-win opportunity in which participants opt in to receive a special discount or win a prize. Participants do not have to purchase anything in order to qualify and enter the sweepstakes.



What to Do

  • The statement “No purchase is necessary.” must be included. 
  • Mobile sweepstakes can either be decided by a random winner OR chosen winner by creator.
  • Include Rules and the procedure of entry.
  • Include Rules and Regulations.
  • All rules must be clear and understandable.
Sweepstakes Text Example

What Not to DO

  • DO NOT tell someone they’ve won, when they have not.
  • DO NOT require a payment for entry to the sweepstakes.
  • DO NOT say “no purchase will disqualify them from the sweepstakes in the future.”

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