I Know Text Messaging Is Effective But How Can I Get Started?

After reading our previous blog Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace SMS as Part of Your Marketing Campaign”, you may ask yourself “Terrific! But how can I get started with SMS marketing?” Well, we understand your confusion and here are the TOP 3 things you need to do for a SMS marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Coupons

Mobile Marketing Coupons

  • Identify your main objective and goal.

The main goal of business is building relationships, not just selling because long term loyal relationships result in increased purchase frequency and ultimately benefit the bottom line.  So it is better to have 1,000 fully engaged subscribers than 10,000 coupon seekers in the long term.

  • Reserve a keyword and spread it out!

Once you make the wise decision of conducting a SMS marketing campaign, the first thing you need to do is to reserve your keyword, like “INFO”. The keyword is working like a key for customers to open a new world and get exclusive access to your offers. Apart from getting customers opt-in through the keyword, you can also leverage the web sign-up form to capture customers’ information. After identifying your keyword as well as building the web sign-up forms, you need to roll up your sleeves and spread it out, through social media, website, in-store, etc.

  • Build stronger relationships by using SMS marketingbest practices.

“Mobile marketing is really about expanding and deepening your existing customer relationships”, said Kalin Kassabov, CEO of ProTexting. As a marketer, no matter what marketing tactics you are using, you always need to remember your main goal: focus on your customers and build long term relationships. Understanding your customers’ needs and wants will always guide the direction of your marketing strategy.

As the direct touch point, your text messages are pretty vital to your customer’s opt-out decision making. The principal of “customers come first” reflects every aspect of the text message etiquette:

o   Relevancy: The message needs to add value to the customer. If the text message is not as relevant to recipients, the opt-out rate would be higher, which you should avoid anyway. You can decide how relevant your message is based on your customers’ previous feedback and successful campaigns and offers and therefore foster trust and loyalty in return.

o   Length: “Less is more” also works for SMS marketing. Keep in mind that text is better fit in one message and keep the content clear and short. A text message should be between 105 and 145 characters as it is easier to read. Another good practice to engage your customers is to include a link in your message.

o   Frequency: The frequency depends on different types of SMS marketing campaigns and different industries. But as a general rule, an average of one message per week is a good practice. However based your industry, you may want to send more messages to your customers. For instance, if you are in food or entertainment industry, you might double it to two messages per week to constantly engage your customers. But also keep in mind the relevancy etiquette we mentioned above.

o   Timing: In marketing, to some extent, timing is everything. It is all about delivering the right message through the right tools at the right time. That is why Near Field Communication (NFC) is so popular nowadays. Based on previous customer feedback and customer behavior, you will know when is the best time to roll out your SMS campaigns. Generally avoid sending out text messages late at night or early in the morning so you don’t disturb your customers.

Alright, now you may have a better understanding of how you can get started with SMS marketing! So leverage text messaging and get started to create brand awareness, build a strong loyal relationship with your current customers and acquired new customers and finally increase your return on investment!




Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace SMS as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

There’s a costly myth about mobile marketing: it’s all about Apps and devices.  The truth is, the key to mobile marketing is about engagement; and there’s an easy way to engage mobile users: SMS/Text Campaigns!

SMS is an incredibly reliable and powerful communication tool. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. On top of that, with 98% open rate within 15 minutes of receipt and 90% reply rate within 3 minutes, SMS should definitely be integrated as a powerful engaging approach in your overall marketing strategy.

As a result, we are presenting the top 5 reasons why you should embrace SMS as part of your marketing campaign:  


SMS works across all operating systems

Unlike mobile apps, SMS capabilities don’t need to be adaptive across different operating systems. Additionally, it’s already built into phones; so, regardless if a customer is using android or iOS, you’re able to reach all of them in a cost-effective way.

turquoise-number-2-filled-512SMS works on all phone types (yes, even “flip” phones)

If you are targeting a demographic that doesn’t have access to a smartphone, for example seniors, certain smartphone-specific tactics — such as one that is centered around mobile apps — have a good chance of being wasted.  However, SMS technology works on any type of phone from the past two decades and there is no sign of the SMS capability becoming obsolete in the future.  As a result, SMS enables you to reach a wide audience without alienating a key consumer segment.

turquoise-number-3-filled-512Customers take a proactive role with SMS campaigns

As opposed to most email campaigns, customers are actively when they opt-in to receive messages on their mobile devices, specifically with SMS.  As a result, the recipients are acutely aware they chose to receive SMS messages and, as a result, are more likely to be engaged with your campaign.

turquoise-number-4-filled-512 SMS campaigns create a personal customer experience

With mobile SMS campaigns, brands are able to communicate with customers via more personalized medium.  Customers and marketers can enjoy a symbiotic relationship as customers receive more custom messages and marketers are able to receive responses in real-time and gain valuable insights from the interaction.

turquoise-number-5-filled-512 SMS campaigns yield both a high response rate and high conversion rate

As stated before, 98% of text messages are opened within the first 15 minutes of receipt and 90% are replied to within the first 3 minutes.  By contrast, emails campaigns have a 25% open rate and also battle against spam and other email filters.  As a result, when considering promotions, contest or general updates, SMS campaigns are a no-brainer.

Are you ready to start your SMS program? Here is an example:

Take the first step and text INFO to 82257 to contact ProTexting,a leader in mobile marketing.

Message and Data Rates May Apply. For Help, text HELP to 82257.

To unsubscribe, text STOP to 82257 or call 1-800-258-9115.

Last but not least, we would like to share some significant statistics and facts that you may want to know about mobile marketing through the infographic below. Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most important keywords in 2014 as the number of mobile subscribers and devices continues to grow. This infographic provides some insights that can help your future marketing strategy. An infographic overview

Use Text Message Marketing and Send a Mass Text Message that Reaches All

Our business etiquette has evolved into a plethora of communications mediums that are designed to reach however large of an audience we wish. Group texting has already become a standard part of our everyday personal and professional lives, much like the latter day e-mail. But the sheer volume of mass text messaging that has become a part of the business sector is developing into a whole other form of marketing, and savvy business insiders with a sweet tooth for technology are already reaping in the benefits of utilizing some form of mass texting service to reach their business counterparts, as well as potential clientele.

Mass texting services can play a significantly large part in the development, growth, and success of a specific campaign, or an entire business operation. Utilizing mass text messaging software enables businesses and its employees to reach a larger and more socially-connected audience like never before. The ongoing rise of consumer traffic on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and other social media networks has bolstered mass texting services to such a degree, that a reported 89% of major brands are now building digital identities solely around mobile devices. And with an estimated 276 million mobile phone users in the U.S. alone, such measures are far and wide understandable.

Our forms of communication have certainly taken a turn towards simplicity over the last decade, and a younger generation of professionals are gearing up to take the technological opportunities before us to new and even more exciting heights. Already, the sheer magnitude of influence available in the pocket of your average, everyday consumer is quite staggering since word-of-mouth can reach an infinite amount of people instantaneously. Companies are embracing these technological developments wholeheartedly, since experts have already begun to point out just how beneficial mobile marketing is now, and what is surely to come with text message marketing in the very near future.

Mass text messaging that goes straight from the phone to the various social media outlets of one’s choosing is already being introduced by ProTexting, text message marketing pioneers who long recognized the significance of group texting and its potential in whatever marketplace it is applied. Texting, it appears, may not be so rude after all.

3 Reasons You Should Explore Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is one of the most direct and effective marketing methods available in this new world of instant mass communications, and yet it is one of the most infrequently used. Mass texting services can deliver notifications to a willing consumer base; a consumer base that, statistically, is highly likely to respond favorably. If you are looking for ways to expand your brand message and increase consumer interest in your products and services, here are three reasons why you should investigate the merits of mass text messaging.

  • There are nearly as many smartphones in use as personal computers. Moreover, those smartphones are carried everywhere and are always accessed by their users, while PCs are not. Even tablets, instantly accessible though they may be, don’t provide the same convenient instant messaging services as smartphones. Smartphones transcend cultures, economic strata and age (for the most part), so using group texting for marketing purposes will reach the largest number of consumers in the quickest amount of time.
  • Mass text messaging software is viewed favorably by consumers. Not everyone reads their emails, but 98 percent of SMS-enabled smartphone subscribers read all of their text messages. In a survey conducted by California marketing organization Responsys, of 1,200 adults surveyed, 76 percent of those who engaged with their favorite brands via mobile device found value in the mass text messaging they received.
  • Mass texting service reaches the youth market effectively. Teenagers and young adults have nearly replaced spoken telephonic communications with text messaging, and they are therefore able to see and respond to text message marketing positively. According to a 2011 survey from Pew Institute, Americans between the ages of 18-29 receive an average of 88 text messages per day. Because of the instant engagement, it behooves businesses to send mass text messages to the young market.

Mass texting services are exceptionally great marketing tools for notifying a willing public of deals, services and opportunities in the most direct possible fashion. If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or even the CEO of a substantially large corporation, text message marketing will give you the tools you need to get your message across efficiently.

Get the Most Out of Group Messaging

Some companies are remaining in the dark ages of technology, ignoring key SMS group messaging trends, and they are quickly falling behind. However, even for companies committed to SMS marketing, trying to keep up with the latest trends and ideas is not always easy. It typically will take more than one full time employee just to stay on top of the game, but how do you know you are hiring a qualified expert?

One way to make certain that your SMS marketing plans not only stay on track but also deliver the results necessary to warrant the investment made for this important arm of marketing is by working with ProTexting, a company that specializes in SMS mobile marketing for agencies and other businesses.

There are several advantages of employing a specialist firm for your SMS group messaging program. First off, you do not have to increase your employee payroll when you contract with an outside company. More importantly, you will be working with a group that has already established a proven track record and has a staff of experts who know the game inside and out. Finally, you can harness the power of a knowledgeable group at a fraction of the cost you would pay to try to develop such a team within your own company and it could take a good 6 months to determine the efficacy of your new team.

ProTexting lives and breathes SMS marketing. With millions of messages sent out to date, along with tens of thousands of campaigns already under their belts, you can tap into a proven and growing firm that can help you both identify your target audience as well as develop compelling and game winning SMS marketing plans that deliver an impressive and profitable ROI.

If you want to stop researching SMS group messaging and instead get on board and start making money through this important and rapidly growing marketing strategy, do not delay but begin working with professionals who know how to play this game to win!