How Advertising Agencies Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

SMS or text marketing has applications in just about every industry. It gives you an efficient way to reach your clients, customers and prospects. People are more likely to read text messages than almost any other type of communication or advertisement, making SMS a powerful way to get a good ROI on campaigns.

If you have an advertising agency, there are many ways that you can use SMS to get more clients and to reach out to your existing ones. On the one hand, you can use SMS to reach out to new clients and keep in touch with your existing clients. You can also set up SMS campaigns on behalf of your clients, to help them connect with their own customers.

Use SMS to Stay Connected to Your Clients

If you have an advertising or marketing agency, you know how competitive your industry is. It’s essential for you to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to communication, technology and creativity. There are several distinct advantages to reaching out to your audience via text message.

Text messages help you acquire loyal customers and repeat business. You can use features such as QR codes to acquire the mobile phone numbers of new potential clients. Text messages also gives you the ability to reach out to your client base whenever you want. You can offer them special promotions and announce new services.

Another benefit of SMS is that it can be integrated with email marketing.  If you use tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or VerticalResponse, you can connect these to your SMS campaigns. When you send out your email newsletter, for example, you can remind your subscribers using a text message. Because people carry their mobile phones around everywhere and almost always read text messages, you can ensure that you stay in your clients’ minds.

SMS marketing for advertising agencies

Run SMS Campaigns for Your Clients

You can use texting not only to stay in touch with your clients but also to help them run their own profitable SMS campaigns.  This can be done on behalf of any type of business and incorporates a variety of features.

  • Agencies can use their own branding. You have the option of managing campaigns for your clients or letting them manage their own campaigns. Branding can be customized to match your needs.
  • Mobile Keywords -One of the most powerful features of SMS marketing is the ability to use mobile keywords. Your clients can set up campaigns such as Text 2 Join or Text 4 Info, that make it possible for them to collect their customers’ mobile numbers and stay in touch with them.
  • Set up Autoresponders -You can set up automated text messaging for your clients. This allows them to build better relationships with their customers and alert them about special deals, events and promotions.
  • Analytics -Provide your client with detailed analytics that reveal the results of their text messaging campaigns. This can go a long way to proving effectiveness and helping them design campaigns that are more and more effective.

Being able to offer a full range of text message services gives your agency a competitive edge that helps your clients in a number of ways. Many of the businesses you are currently representing, and those you will represent in the future, could benefit greatly from SMS marketing. Whether your clients are restaurants, retail businesses or people who offer professional services, text messaging is a valuable tool that can help them build a wider and more loyal customer base.

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How SMS Can Benefit Political Campaigns

SMS or text message marketing is one of the most effective tools for political campaigns. You can use text messaging to for a number of activities related to your political campaign, such as reaching out to voters and organizing staff. Because people tend to be extremely responsive to text messages, this is one of the best ways to help you manage a busy political campaign.

Why SMS is Perfect For Political Campaigns

A political campaign is a fast-paced environment where things are always changing. It’s important to have efficient communications for this type of activity. Because almost everyone carries around a cell phone nowadays, text messages are usually the fastest way to reach people. This includes the staff members and volunteers on your team as well as voters.

When reaching out to voters, it’s important to keep the issues of the campaign fresh in their minds. People who are busy and easily distracted need constant reminders if you want to keep their enthusiasm strong. There’s no better way to achieve this than SMS (according to a recent NY Times article, outlining how powerful SMS is for the 2016 presidential election). People often ignore emails but 98% of text messages are read, usually within an hour after receiving them. SMS therefore provides you with the most reliable way to actually reach your audience during the campaign.

Use for SMS in Political Campaigns

Let’s look at some of the ways that you can leverage SMS during a political campaign.

  • Build a list of voters. On all campaign related material, give people a keyword they can text to a shortcode, such as “Text SmithForSenate to #82257.” You can promote this anywhere, such as on your website, campaign posters, flyers and ads. This allows you to build a growing list of supporters who you can text about anything campaign related, such as rallies, fundraising events or relevant news.
  • Sign up volunteers. Every campaign depends on getting a group of dedicated volunteers. SMS makes it easy for people to sign up for the campaign.
  • Election news. You can use SMS to inform people about important events and issues that your candidate supports. Remember, people can easily forward text messages to their friends, so this can help you reach more potential voters.
  • You can send out polls and surveys to find out how voters feel about various issues.
  • Election reminders. The most important factor in any election is the actual voting. Many people actually forget to vote on Election Day if someone doesn’t remind them. You can send frequent reminders as the election approaches to increase voter turnout.
  • Attract young voters and volunteers. One of the best things about SMS marketing for political campaigns is that it’s a great way to connect with younger voters and volunteers. Young people always carry a mobile phone and are especially responsive to text messages.
  • Coordinate staff and volunteers. SMS is an efficient way to communicate with staff and campaign volunteers to let them know about scheduling and tasks.

SMS Helps You Build a Stronger Political Campaign

As mobile phones become increasingly popular, more and more businesses and organizations are discovering the benefits of SMS marketing. This dynamic form of marketing is also ideal for political campaigns.

Communication is the key to a successful campaign. You must be able to contact voters, volunteers and staff members in the most efficient way possible. While it’s possible to reach out to people in a number of ways, none compares to SMS in speed and responsiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about political SMS campaigns, read the Best Practices for using Text Messaging in Political Campaigns or contact us to talk to one of our campaign specialists.

Texting for Political Campaigns

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How Car Dealerships Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

Car dealerships can use SMS marketing to sell more vehicles, both to existing customers and new ones. This very competitive industry depends on great communication. Because an automobile is such a high-ticket item, it’s especially important to build familiarity and trust with your clients.

SMS Provides the Best Way to Connect With Your Customers

Someone might walk into your showroom and indicate interest in a certain car. However, to keep them interested, you need a reliable way to stay in touch. SMS is ideal for this. It’s a permission-based communication that can reach people wherever they are.

SMS provides a viable alternative to less effective methods of communication. With today’s plummeting open rates (around 20%), an email is unlikely to be read. Many people don’t appreciate multiple calls from sales agents. Direct mail, another traditional tool of car dealerships, also suffers from low open rates.

By contrast, the vast majority of people, around 98%, actually read text messages. And, unlike a voice call, it doesn’t put pressure on the recipient to engage in a conversation right away. Sending text messages is also cheaper than making voice calls.

How Car Dealerships Can Use SMS Marketing

There are numerous ways you can utilize the advantages of SMS. Here are just a few suggestions.

  • Build a list of potential customers. You can request the mobile numbers of people who walk into your showroom or who respond to any of your ads. You can create segmented lists based on the make and model in which people have shown an interest. You can then send out texts about special promotions and new models coming in.
  • Reach out to existing customers. Let them know when their car is due for servicing. You can let people know when it’s time for an oil change, new tires, an inspection or other services.
  • You can advertise SMS keywords wherever you promote, whether online or offline. The possibilities include billboards, print ads, business cards, radio  & TV ads. This instantly makes your ad interactive.
  • Place keywords directly on cars in your lot. One of your cars for sale might catch the eye of people walking or driving by but they might not feel like stopping. Giving them a keyword to text to you gives them an easy way to get information. A sign on a Honda Civic, for example, might read: “For special deal on this car, text CIVIC to #82257.”
  • Get people to contact you using QR codes. These can be placed anywhere and can be used to direct people to your website or to your showroom.
  • Create coupons. You can get more people to give you their mobile numbers by offering free coupons for services you offer. You could even partner with other businesses, such as a car wash or oil change place to provide coupons. This helps them acquire new customers and it helps you build your list. To help you get targeted customers, the coupon could be tied to taking a test drive.
  • Send customers helpful tips on auto maintenance. This could be a brief tip or it could be a link to content on your website, such as an article or video.
  • Conduct polls and surveys. This keeps you informed on what your customers are thinking and it keeps your business fresh in their minds.

These are just some ideas for using SMS marketing to help you grow your car dealership. The possibilities are really endless and only limited by your own objectives and creativity. SMS provides a fast, cost effective and high response platform for you to reach out to customers.

SMS MMS marketing for Car Dealerships

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Using SMS Marketing to Promote Live Events and Conferences

Live events and conferences are among the many ways that SMS marketing can be used to communicate with audiences. SMS (Short Message Service) can be used both to promote your event and to make it more efficient, exciting and interactive. It allows you to keep attendees updated on the latest information. It also lets audience members give feedback in many different ways. Let’s look at some of the ways that SMS marketing can be leveraged for live events and conferences.

How to Use SMS at Live Events

A live event can be a concert, lecture, seminar or any type of performance or presentation. It may be for business, education, sports or entertainment purposes. SMS makes it possible to engage the audience and get valuable feedback in a number of ways.

First of all, SMS can be used to promote your event and increase participation. You may use other types of marketing as well, but text messages are more likely to be read than other types of communication, such as emails.

You can text people to let them know about your events. Once they’ve signed up, you can send out messages to remind them. If there’s an admission charge, you might text people a coupon that they can use for a discount. Customers can text a keyword in order to access the coupon. You can also send out reminders shortly before the event.

If you have a JumboTron or other large screen at your event or conference, you can use text-to-screen so that text messages can appear right on the screen. People simply type in a keyword indicating a certain response to one of your short codes.

This keeps the audience engaged and provides you with valuable feedback. At a concert, audience members can vote on the song they want to hear. Speakers and celebrities can take questions that appear on the screen from audience members.

SMS Marketing for Conferences

Conferences are a type of live event, but there are specific ways that SMS can be used for conferences that are worth listing separately. As with any type of event, of course, you can promote and remind attendees of the event. Additionally:

  • Get Feedback When Planning the Conference -You can use SMS messaging to get helpful feedback during the planning stages of the event. Find out what speakers and topics people are most interested in seeing. This can improve enrollment and ensure that the conference will be a success.
  • Keep Attendees and Vendors Updated -If there are changes in the schedule or venues, texting is the most efficient way to keep people informed.
  • Make Q & A More Efficient -At a typical conference, people have to speak into a microphone to ask their questions. There may not be time to get to everyone. If people can submit their questions via text, you’ll be able to stay a step ahead of the questions and know how many there are. You may also get good questions from people who are not comfortable speaking in public.
  • Obtain Feedback Anonymously -There may be times that you want honest feedback that people might not be willing to give publicly. This may be how they felt about a particular speaker or how they feel about a certain product or brand. SMS gives people a chance to give their feedback anonymously.

SMS Marketing Can Make Any Event Bigger and Better

SMS marketing allows you to take advantage of the very latest technological trends and reach people where they are most receptive –on their mobile phones. Texting is the most efficient way to gauge people’s interest about events and keep them informed of the details. It also makes it possible to have a more interactive event where people are engaged.

Whether you are planning a concert, sporting event, conference or any type of live event, SMS marketing can help make the event bigger, more engaging and more successful. Texting provides the most efficient way to communicate with people, both before and during events.

SMS Marketing for LIVE events

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How Nightclubs and Comedy Clubs can Benefit From SMS Marketing

Mobile devices have become an extremely popular form of communication in the modern world. Short Message Service (SMS), more commonly referred to as text messaging or texting, is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to communicate. It’s especially popular among younger people, but is quickly spreading to different age groups. That’s what makes SMS marketing such a promising option for businesses of all types and sizes.

There are countless ways for businesses to leverage text message marketing to reach their current and potential customers. Owners of nightclubs and comedy clubs are among the businesses that can enjoy tangible benefits from this technology. People who visit these venues tend to be hip and tech savvy —just the type of audience that’s perfect for reaching with SMS marketing.

Ways to Use SMS at Your Club

There are a number of ways that you can use SMS to reach your audience at a nightclub or comedy club.

  • Provide Information About Upcoming Events -The first key to getting people to come to your events is to let them know who is appearing and when. People have many choices when it comes to entertainment. They can choose to attend a variety of venues or just stay home. Letting them know and giving them reminders of your upcoming acts can help to increase the size of your audience. This can be an effective replacement for (or supplement to) traditional advertising such as print ads email marketing and posting flyers.
  • Send Out Coupons and Promo Codes -You can give people special incentives to attend your shows by providing discounts via SMS. This may be free or discounted admission (such as “buy one ticket and bring a friend for free/half price”). Or it could be a free drink or entree if your club serves food and/or alcoholic beverages.
  • Text to Screen -This is a service that can make your live events more fun and interactive, allowing your audience members provide feedback from their phones that is displayed on your large screen TV or JumboTron. People can interact by using keywords that you provide. If you host trivia nights at your club, audience members can text their answers using text to screen. If someone is performing, people can text in their suggestions for songs to play. You might also hold a contest and announce the winners on the large screen.

SMS Can Help Make Your Club More Successful

It’s fairly certain that most of the people who come to your nightclub or comedy club have mobile phones that they carry around most of the time. This provides you with an extremely effective way to reach your audience -both when they are at your club and at other times, to remind them about your upcoming events.

SMS marketing is the perfect tool to reach 21st century audiences who enjoy interacting via text messaging. People are more likely to read a text message than read a flyer posted on a lamppost or an ad in a newspaper. Text messages also have a much higher open rate than emails. That’s why SMS is something that you can use to gain a competitive edge and reach club audiences more effectively.

If you’d like to learn more on how businesses leverage text messaging marketing, you checkout some case studies here >>

Nightclubs and Comedy Clubs SMS marketing

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