Using SMS Marketing to Promote Live Events and Conferences

Live events and conferences are among the many ways that SMS marketing can be used to communicate with audiences. SMS (Short Message Service) can be used both to promote your event and to make it more efficient, exciting and interactive. It allows you to keep attendees updated on the latest information. It also lets audience members give feedback in many different ways. Let’s look at some of the ways that SMS marketing can be leveraged for live events and conferences.

How to Use SMS at Live Events

A live event can be a concert, lecture, seminar or any type of performance or presentation. It may be for business, education, sports or entertainment purposes. SMS makes it possible to engage the audience and get valuable feedback in a number of ways.

First of all, SMS can be used to promote your event and increase participation. You may use other types of marketing as well, but text messages are more likely to be read than other types of communication, such as emails.

You can text people to let them know about your events. Once they’ve signed up, you can send out messages to remind them. If there’s an admission charge, you might text people a coupon that they can use for a discount. Customers can text a keyword in order to access the coupon. You can also send out reminders shortly before the event.

If you have a JumboTron or other large screen at your event or conference, you can use text-to-screen so that text messages can appear right on the screen. People simply type in a keyword indicating a certain response to one of your short codes.

This keeps the audience engaged and provides you with valuable feedback. At a concert, audience members can vote on the song they want to hear. Speakers and celebrities can take questions that appear on the screen from audience members.

SMS Marketing for Conferences

Conferences are a type of live event, but there are specific ways that SMS can be used for conferences that are worth listing separately. As with any type of event, of course, you can promote and remind attendees of the event. Additionally:

  • Get Feedback When Planning the Conference -You can use SMS messaging to get helpful feedback during the planning stages of the event. Find out what speakers and topics people are most interested in seeing. This can improve enrollment and ensure that the conference will be a success.
  • Keep Attendees and Vendors Updated -If there are changes in the schedule or venues, texting is the most efficient way to keep people informed.
  • Make Q & A More Efficient -At a typical conference, people have to speak into a microphone to ask their questions. There may not be time to get to everyone. If people can submit their questions via text, you’ll be able to stay a step ahead of the questions and know how many there are. You may also get good questions from people who are not comfortable speaking in public.
  • Obtain Feedback Anonymously -There may be times that you want honest feedback that people might not be willing to give publicly. This may be how they felt about a particular speaker or how they feel about a certain product or brand. SMS gives people a chance to give their feedback anonymously.

SMS Marketing Can Make Any Event Bigger and Better

SMS marketing allows you to take advantage of the very latest technological trends and reach people where they are most receptive –on their mobile phones. Texting is the most efficient way to gauge people’s interest about events and keep them informed of the details. It also makes it possible to have a more interactive event where people are engaged.

Whether you are planning a concert, sporting event, conference or any type of live event, SMS marketing can help make the event bigger, more engaging and more successful. Texting provides the most efficient way to communicate with people, both before and during events.

SMS Marketing for LIVE events

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How Nightclubs and Comedy Clubs can Benefit From SMS Marketing

Mobile devices have become an extremely popular form of communication in the modern world. Short Message Service (SMS), more commonly referred to as text messaging or texting, is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to communicate. It’s especially popular among younger people, but is quickly spreading to different age groups. That’s what makes SMS marketing such a promising option for businesses of all types and sizes.

There are countless ways for businesses to leverage text message marketing to reach their current and potential customers. Owners of nightclubs and comedy clubs are among the businesses that can enjoy tangible benefits from this technology. People who visit these venues tend to be hip and tech savvy —just the type of audience that’s perfect for reaching with SMS marketing.

Ways to Use SMS at Your Club

There are a number of ways that you can use SMS to reach your audience at a nightclub or comedy club.

  • Provide Information About Upcoming Events -The first key to getting people to come to your events is to let them know who is appearing and when. People have many choices when it comes to entertainment. They can choose to attend a variety of venues or just stay home. Letting them know and giving them reminders of your upcoming acts can help to increase the size of your audience. This can be an effective replacement for (or supplement to) traditional advertising such as print ads email marketing and posting flyers.
  • Send Out Coupons and Promo Codes -You can give people special incentives to attend your shows by providing discounts via SMS. This may be free or discounted admission (such as “buy one ticket and bring a friend for free/half price”). Or it could be a free drink or entree if your club serves food and/or alcoholic beverages.
  • Text to Screen -This is a service that can make your live events more fun and interactive, allowing your audience members provide feedback from their phones that is displayed on your large screen TV or JumboTron. People can interact by using keywords that you provide. If you host trivia nights at your club, audience members can text their answers using text to screen. If someone is performing, people can text in their suggestions for songs to play. You might also hold a contest and announce the winners on the large screen.

SMS Can Help Make Your Club More Successful

It’s fairly certain that most of the people who come to your nightclub or comedy club have mobile phones that they carry around most of the time. This provides you with an extremely effective way to reach your audience -both when they are at your club and at other times, to remind them about your upcoming events.

SMS marketing is the perfect tool to reach 21st century audiences who enjoy interacting via text messaging. People are more likely to read a text message than read a flyer posted on a lamppost or an ad in a newspaper. Text messages also have a much higher open rate than emails. That’s why SMS is something that you can use to gain a competitive edge and reach club audiences more effectively.

If you’d like to learn more on how businesses leverage text messaging marketing, you checkout some case studies here >>

Nightclubs and Comedy Clubs SMS marketing

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How SMS is Better than Push Notifications

Both SMS marketing and push notifications allow businesses to send out messages to their customers. There are, however, some important differences between the two. Push notifications make it possible for people who have downloaded an app to receive notifications of any kind, such as promotions, news stories, sports scores, information about events or anything you want to tell them. SMS marketing, on the other hand, is a more interactive and flexible type of messaging service that does not require recipients to download any apps. If you’re searching for an effective marketing strategy, you may be wondering how push notifications compare to SMS marketing and what the differences are.

Differences Between Push Notifications and SMS

Push notifications and SMS (text messages) have a similar appearance when they are delivered. Both are short messages that you can send to your customers at any time. The technology behind them, however, is different. Push notifications require that your recipients install a special app. Text messages, on the other hand, are any messages send from one mobile phone to another. For marketing purposes, you can send them using a short or long code and customers can sign up for them using codes.

While you can send the same type of messages with either technology, there are several distinct benefits of using SMS marketing rather than push notifications.

Advantages of SMS Over Push Notifications

  • SMS is Interactive -A push notification is simply a one-way message from one person or company to recipients. People who receive these notifications cannot reply or take any action in response. With SMS, however, you can set up interactive campaigns that allow people to respond to polls, answer questions or take other actions. SMS is an interactive form of communication, not just a one-way message that you send out.
  • Reach More People -One of the biggest benefits of SMS is that your recipients don’t need to download an app to get your messages. Not everyone has a smartphone that allows them to download apps. Anyone with any type of mobile phone, however, can receive text messages. Even people with smartphones don’t always take the trouble to download every app. With SMS, you can reach a much wider audience -anyone with a mobile phone.
  • More Personalized Messages -More personalized text messages can give you a much greater response rate. With push notifications, no matter what type of message you send, the sender’s name cannot be changed. With SMS messages, you have many more options for customization. You can, for example, vary the sender’s name based on the type of campaign you’re running.

SMS: More Versatile and Far-Reaching Than Push Notifications

While push notifications can be useful for sending out simple messages that don’t require any reply, SMS is significantly more flexible and can reach a wider audience. If you’re looking for an effective, long term strategy that can help you connect with your customers, SMS gives you many more options.

SMS is a marketing option that allows you to not simply send out messages, but to actually build relationships with your customers. You can get them engaged in your product or business by having them respond to your messages. This is not possible with push notifications. This makes SMS a superior tool for creating long term customer engagement.

SMS and PUSH notifications

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How to Run Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns Using Verification Tools

When running SMS campaigns, verification tools can help you reach a targeted audience and collect valuable data about participants. You can require participants to verify information such as their name, age, zip code or other information before taking part in your campaign. You have a variety of choices for verification tools or validators. The ones you use will vary depending on the needs of your campaign.

With a survey, for example, you may only be interested in targeting people of a certain age or who live in certain areas. In some cases you may want to verify people’s age before allowing them to participate in a certain promotion. Let’s look at some of the ways verification tools can help you conduct more targeted campaigns.

Types of Validators You Can Use

Depending on the type of campaign you are conducting and your own preferences, you can use several types of verification. The way this works is that after someone enter the keyword code you provide them, an automated message is sent to the number they provided. They must then validate certain information before the process can continue. Some examples of validators you can use include:

  • Names -When users enter their names, it gives you the chance to send them personalized messages. This is similar to what is often done in email marketing, allowing newsletters to be addressed to the recipient by name. The same can be done in SMS marketing. When people see their names in a message, it gives it a more personal feel.
  • Zip Codes -Zip codes are extremely useful as validation tools. Validating zip codes pinpoints the location of users, allowing you to verify their location and also send them relevant information. This is particularly useful if you have a business with multiple locations. You can also use zip codes as a way to aggregate data, so you know where your customers are located. This is useful even for web based businesses.

If you have a store with multiple branches, for example, users will type in the keyword code and receive a message asking them to enter their zip code. They will then receive a reply telling them the nearest store location. You might also have coupons or promotion codes that are specific to certain locations. For certain campaigns, you may only want to reach people within certain zip codes. By verifying zip codes, you will not waste resources sending messages to people who don’t meet your criteria.

  • Age -Age is another important verification tool. For many campaigns, you may need to verify that participants are over a certain age, such as 18 or 21. This is something often seen on websites, where visitors must check a box verifying their age before continuing. Another way to use age validation is to require people to fill in their birthday. This not only verifies age, it gives you the ability to send out birthday greetings or a promo code. Many restaurants, for example, provide people with free items on their birthday.

You can ask for as much information you want. For some campaigns, you might ask for name, age and zip code. For others, you may only ask for one piece of information. It depends how targeted your campaign is and how much data you are trying to collect.

Validators can be used for any type of SMS campaign, including coupons, sweepstakes, surveys and voting. They give you a simple way to collect valuable information that identifies and qualifies participants. It’s important to consider which validators you want to use with each campaigns. If you’d like to add validators to your text message campaign or discuss how to use them, please let us know.



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The Many Advantages of Text-to-Screen

Up until now, texting has been mainly associated with the small screens found on smartphones. Now, however, with the ProTexting Text-to-Screen application, you can have texts appear on large screens such as wide screen TVs and JumboTrons. This is a powerful app for making your live events more engaging and interactive.

Text-to-screen is an app that instantly increases audience participation at any event, whether a concert, sporting event, business meeting, sales presentation, religious event or any situation where you want to encourage interactivity and build your brand. Audience members can communicate by using a short code and you have the ability to approve comments before they display on the large screen. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can use this app.

Conventions, Conferences and Seminars

When you are holding a business event with speakers and presentations, it’s always important to keep the audience engaged. The traditional method of taking questions from the audience members who speak into a mic can be useful, but Text-to-Screen can make interactivity more efficient. It allows questions to be posted on the screen while the speaker is talking, so people can provide feedback without interrupting the presentation. Text-to-Screen is a good way to increase brand awareness for your business at conventions and events. You will also be able to contact audience members after the event, as you’ll have their phone numbers.

Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

Text-to-Screen is also a useful app at places where people congregate to eat, drink and throw parties. You probably already have at least one large screen TV in your restaurant or club. With this app, you can give your customers the chance to do more than simply watch. If you have trivia nights, for example, you can let people send their answers straight to the TV screen. You might also have everyone in the club send congratulatory messages to someone who is getting married, celebrating their birthday, graduation or other special event. You’ll also be able to use Text-to-Screen as a way to build up your list of customer contacts, allowing you to send them SMS messages about your upcoming specials, events and other information about your business.

Concerts and Sporting Events

Any large entertainment event can be made more exciting and interactive by Text-to-Screen technology. You can display audience comments or votes on a jumbotron. This capability can be leveraged in a number of ways. At a concert, for example, the audience can vote on which song the band will play next. A performer or athlete could answer questions after the event. You could hold a contest to give away albums or tickets to future events.

Text-to-Screen Enhances Any Event

There are many ways you can use Text-to-Screen. For any event where a large group of people are attending, there are advantages to giving people an easy way to share feedback. Here are some of the benefits. In addition to the possible uses already discussed, this app can be used at political rallies, church events, charity functions and any other event where you want to gain support for a cause or build momentum for a cause. At political events, you can poll audience members on what they think about certain issues.

Let’s summarize some of the leading benefits of Text-to-Screen:

  • People have more fun and feel more involved in the event when they have a way to send messages to the screen.
  • Brand recognition. As people are sending their messages, their attention will be focused on the screen, where you can display your logo and brand information.
  • Gain insights and data. You can use this app for polling people and getting their opinions. This is an efficient way to do some fast market research on how people feel about a song, gadget, food, beverage or idea.
  • Gain contacts. When people send feedback, they are added as your contacts. This helps make your SMS campaigns more effective as you can quickly build up your list of targeted customers.
  • Combine with other applications. You can use this app with other apps that let you run mobile contests, play trivia games, conduct surveys and polls and more.
  • Sell advertising space on the screen.

Below, you can take a look at a sample of how text-to-screen campaign can be applied at a live event.

Text to screen SMS marketing HOW TO SETUP

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