How to connect your ProTexting account with Zapier

First thing you need to do is create a free Zappier account at, activate your ProTexting free Zapier app, and follow this link to join (it is invite only)

How to create a Zap with ProTexting?

Supported Triggers

  • New SMS: triggers when you have new inbound SMS in ProTexting

Supported Actions

  • SMS Notification: sends SMS based on any Zapier trigger
  • Add contact: adds new contact in your ProTexting account.

In our example, will show how to create a Zap with Twitter. Post a tweet for any incoming SMS in your ProTexting account.


  1. Click on “MAKE A ZAP” to begin the process @

Make a zap


  1. Choose a trigger and action

Choose a trigger and action


  1. Select an account

Select an account


  1. Then, you will need to name the account. This is done in case you will be using multiple ProTexting accounts.

name the account


  1. On the pop-up prompt, you will need to authenticate your ProTexting account.

authenticate your ProTexting account


  1. Once logged in, you will be redirected back to Zapier, where you will see a success message and an option to continue.

redirected back to Zapier


  1. When both accounts are connected, you will see a confirmation screen:

confirmation screen


  1. You will need to map the fields so the data is entered correctly.

map the fields


  1. Once you’ve set up the zap, you will be able to test real time and get the action immediately.

test real time


  1. After you test, your Zap is ready and you can use it.

Name the ZAP

You are done! Enjoy using your ProTexting account with Zapier!

Don’t forget that you can create a ZAP using hundreds of other services already connected with Zapier. View full list here and pick the services you utilize for your business, such as Twitter, Salesforce, Asana, Dropbox, MailChimp, Gmail, and many more…

ProTexting Zapier Integration

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NEW! ProTexting Integrated with Constant Contact Email Marketing

We are happy to announce a brand new feature in the ProTexting platform. Included with every ProTexting account is integration with Constant Contact, the leading email marketing platform. With this integration, you can sync your contacts’ email addresses with Constant Contact and import them to be power your email marketing campaigns. In addition, with the sync you can import optin phone numbers from Constant Contact into ProTexting.

Imagine that you can now collect email addresses through your text-to-join campaign at a little or no extra cost. You as a client can now ask your audience to text you their email address in addition to signing up to your text club. This initiative can be also paired with a mobile text-to-win contest. Simply ask the participants to give you their email in order to complete their entry. Make sure you have the Email Capture app activated for your account. Once you have collected enough email addresses you can turn on the ProTexting/Constant Contact sync app and all the email addresses will be imported into your Constant Contact email marketing account.

ProTexting clients can access the feature via the ProTexting APP marketplace within their account and activate it for free. For more details read our press release here

Grow your emails via SMS subscriptions

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911 Emergency Requests Via SMS


Getting help by calling 911 is now standard practice for most people in North America. Beginning with the first 911 call on February 16, 1968, made in Haleyville, Alabama, the 911 Emergency System has expanded to now include coverage for 95% of the population of the United States and 95% of the land mass.

Without a doubt, the 911 standardized emergency telephone service has become an integral part of the delivery of safety and security for all citizens. It is only a matter of time for the 911 System to expand to include SMS Emergency Alerts

Advancement of SMS Service

With what it seems as lightning speed advancements in technology, it is only inevitable that the 911 Emergency Call System would expand to include the opportunity to send SMS text message alerts.

The initiative to include SMS emergency alerts is a new feature that presently has limited access to standard 911 Emergency Services. But, this is all about to change.

In 2014, the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, issued an order to direct all cell phone providers in the USA to implement the requirements to enable SMS text message alerts. This option is to be fully implemented in 2015; however, the FCC suggests that a text-messaging alert should only be considered a complement to voice calling, with voice calling always being the preferred option.

Expansion of SMS Text Messaging Alerts

SMS alerts solutions have now become a realistic and effective communication channel for a plethora of uses. As described above, the FCC is mandating cell phone carriers to implement text messaging alerts into the 911 Emergency System and there are numerous companies that provide personal emergency alert services. Below are a few examples of how emergency alert services have been implemented.

911 Emergency SMS alerts

Hospital Use

The original emergency alert system in a hospital was what we typically heard; “Code 1 to Room 101” or “Dr. Who, is required immediately in Emergency.” That was followed by extensive use of pager systems that allowed for messaging, albeit, in many cases, the systems were not instantaneous.

Now with Smartphone technology, SMS emergency alerts can be sent instantaneously, and with the appropriate packaging, can be sent to a number of people at the same time. There is no more having to enter each number into the telephone SMS system. Patients simply have to text a keyword to the hospital short code to opt into the program and they will be able to receive hospital notifications and alerts.The response time is immediate, and can be two-way, allowing for much better communications and effective actions. Also, the ability to use keywords instead of one general number allows hospitals to setup different routing options and different programs for each department, each doctor or each facility. This ensures direct routing and quicker response time, which makes a big difference and may save lives.

Emergency Service Use for Other organizations

SMS Emergency alerts have become a common practice for internal communication within organizations. When e-mail and internal network systems are down, text alerts have become a reliable communication source. In order to opt in to such program, HR and IT departments ask their employees to text in a keyword to a short code. Example: Text EMERGENCY to 12345. This will ensure employees are in the system and can receive text message emergency alerts.


SMS alerts have become a common practice in the commercial arena but this is not the only use for such notifications. In hospitals and other emergency situations, SMS alerts are providing a reliable and direct communication and response time that is becoming a vital solution for organizations of all sizes. Give SMS text message alert systems a try and see how it works for you.

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How to build twitter followers with SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing is a form of marketing that means using a carefully written text message to communicate a special offer or company information with a large group of people very quickly and easily from an online platform. This is achieved by sending a short, straight to the point message by a company to its customers through a short code that identifies with the company. Most companies have adapted SMS marketing into their systems as a way to promote new products and services as well as provide updates on regular basis directly to its subscriber’s phone number. For example, ProTexting uses the short code 82257 for most of its accessible services to customers. If an individual would like to receive more information about ProTexting he/she can text INFO at 82257 and receive ProTexing contact info and link to the website.

Also, another famous communication and promotional channel for companies is social media, which includes different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, etc. Twitter, being a leading social media platform, is quite fast and effective and is easily accessible through mobile devices. Companies use these social media platforms as a way of providing customers solutions at the same time as promoting their services.

How to collect twitter handlesBoth social media and SMS Marketing can complement each other very well and help one another to increase participation. A good example of how SMS Marketing can help organizations increase twitter followers and expand their brand reach is a Text to Win campaign. A company can setup a simple Text to Win campaign and post the call to action on their Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and any other social media, web presence and other media. When participants text in to enter the sweepstakes campaign, participants are asked to enter their twitter handle and click on a link to start following the campaign sponsor. This simple interaction provides a good extension of participant information and two different media of reaching them (phone number and twitter) and at the same time promote to company’s product and services.

Once the information is captured on the SMS Platform, the company can continue sending ongoing SMS offers to participants that have opted in as well as post that same message and offer on the company’s twitter page that now includes the followers that joined from the Text to Win Sweepstakes.

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6 SMS Marketing Tools to Build and Retain Your Customer Base

Many successful brands and businesses have smartened up to the fact that SMS marketing can become a very powerful tool they can utilize in placing their marketing message in front of their customers while doing it in a more cost-effective way in comparison to other online and offline marketing channels.  The number of mobile devices and their users is on an exponential rise. If you own a business, this should be a clear sign that you need to incorporate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy in order to build and nurture relationships with your potential and existing customer base. This article will provide you with an analysis of 6 SMS marketing tools you can utilize to engage and connect with your customers so they can hopefully become customers for life.

1. Text To Join

text to join campaignsThis is a tool designed to attract new customers by inviting them to become a part of your text subscriber list. It will allow you to send them your marketing messages directly to their cellphone without the need of downloading an app or login in to any other online account. This has proven to be an incredibly effective marketing strategy due to the fact that as many as 90% of mobile device users read their text messages and more than 85% of them do so within 20 minutes of receiving them. This technology enables customers to text a specific keyword (which a business owner chooses) to a unique “short code”. Short codes are defined as short phone numbers that are shorter than normal phone numbers and are easier to remember. Businesses are able to receive “short codes” by paying a flat or monthly fee to a provider who can deliver this service to them.

Here is an example of using a text-to-join technology and explanation of how “short codes are” used:

Text Info to 82257

When a customer you are targeting types the keyword ”Info” to the short code “82257”, the customer will get an SMS providing further information about accessing information, product or service that the business was promoting. At the same time, customers are subscribed to the list of people who will be receiving future updates and any related information regarding the services or products that business is promoting.

2. Text/Mobile Coupons

By offering text/mobile coupons, a business owner can solidify their relationship with an existing customer base by offering them SMS offers and discounts on their products or services. This technology works very similarly to the “text to join” as explained above. The customer receives a “shortcode” to which he or she needs to send a specific keyword to. The “shortcodes” and the keyword are provided by the company that is offering discounted products or services. Once the customer sends these details via SMS, the company will typically send the text back that contains instructions on how to redeem the SMS coupons and also include a link to the coupon or the company’s website. These coupons can then be redeemed online or offline, depending on where and how the business operates.

3. Web and Social Media Sign Up Forms

Integrate SMS marketing with Socila Media channelsAnother method of attracting new customers is by using sign up forms on various web and social media properties, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The typical sign-up form contains the fields that capture the basic information of a potential customer: their first name, surname and email address. Every business owner who has the foresight to add a “mobile phone number” field to their sign up forms will put themselves head-and-shoulders above their competition as their response rates will skyrocket. This is due to the fact that they will able to attract new client base using mobile devices, in addition to using traditional marketing channels.

4. Group Text Alerts and Text Reminders

Businesses can use Group Texting and Text Reminders to send bulk SMS text reminders and alerts to all of their customers at the same time. These features can be used for numerous occasions and situations:

– Promoting daily or monthly product discounts and special sales
– Announcing new offers, products and services
– Sending texts that do not pertain to any specific product or service but are used as relationship builders, such as sending inspirational quotes and messages.

These SMS marketing tools are specifically designed for customer retention purposes by peaking the client’s interest in your products and strengthening the relationship you have with them. Group Text alerts and Text reminders are used when you do not want to send an SMS to a specific segment of the customer list but to the entire customer base.

5.Text Feedback

SMS marketing allows you to communicate with the customer at the exact point when he or she receives your text message or purchases a product from you. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to receive instant feedback from them. Therefore, it is essential to be able to install an effective customer feedback system by designing mobile questions, customer surveys and suggestions in order to understand their needs and how they feel about your business. If you want to incorporate text feedback into your campaign, you need to provide customers with a phone number they can access on their mobile devices after which they can enter their feedback. The results are then instantly updated on your website. This simple step increases customer engagement exponentially and they are very likely to become repeat customers. Also, the probability that clients will provide feedback is very high as SMS marketing makes is simple and easy – all that is required of them is to do is tap a few buttons on their mobile device and they are done.

6. Mobile polling

If you need to determine what your customers are thinking, all you need to do is simply ask them. That is why mobile polling is a great tool that should be used in all mobile marketing campaigns. People like to be asked their opinions on issues and if you incorporate mobile polling in your campaign, the way that your customers engage with you will improve substantially. Mobile polls don’t require you to install any special software and they can be created quickly and easily. The customers send their votes by SMS to a specific phone number and you can view the results of the poll on your website.

SMS marketing provides a powerful channel to attract and retain customers, build a solid relationship with them and keep them engaged with you and the marketing message your business is trying to convey to them. Six mobile marketing tools explained above have hopefully shed new light on how and why every business should implement them in their campaigns because SMS marketing and mobile devices are definitely here to stay.

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